Royal Chef reveals Queen Elizabeth’s diet to have a healthy body

Not only being known as the longest-serving ruler in the British history, Queen Elizabeth II is also an extremely disciplined and disciplined person, as well as always appearing standard from talking, eating to the posture. Royal Chef recently revealed the Queen’s dining menu. Although throughout the reign, the world has changed and changed but the food that the Queen chooses for her meals is not.Check out the Queen’s menu to see what the secret is to help her stay healthy even after she turns 92.

1. Tea and cookies before breakfast

With the love of tea, the Queen started a new day with a fresh tea without sugar and some cookies. This habit is done regularly before breakfast. This is one of the methods to help the queen prevent aging because of the large amount of antioxidants present in fresh tea.

2. Breakfast with cereal and toast

The typical breakfast of the Queen includes fruits and cereals. At times, she chose to enjoy the toast with a simple jar. On special occasions, smoked salmon or mushrooms are added to the Queen’s breakfast menu. According to her ex-chef, she often only enjoyed fresh truffles at Christmas. It is known that the addition of starch at breakfast will help stimulate the brain energy to work all day long.

3. A glass of gin before lunch

Before lunch, the Queen usually drinks some Gin with some lemon slices. This drink mix will stimulate the digestive system, making the energy absorption process more powerful.

4. Do not starch at lunch and dinner

The queen will eat lunch at 13h with items like spinach, fish, grilled chicken and salad. According to the royal chef, the Queen “does not eat starch” for lunch and dinner. Starchy means no appearance of potato, rice, or pasta for lunch. This helps the body to digest easily and as an ideal diet.

5. Afternoon tea with bread, bread

The queen loves afternoon tea with honey cake, sometimes chocolate cookies. According to ex-chef McGrady, she particularly likes sandwiches with cucumbers, smoked salmon, eggs, mayonnaise, smoked meats and some mustard. After lunch no starch.

6. Beefsteak for dinner

Queen Elizabeth II particularly likes to enjoy the meat offered from the local farm and select it for her dinner. Her favorite food is Gaelic beefsteak – served with mushroom sauce, ice cream and whiskey. Sometimes she changed with lamb, roast beef…Whatever kind of meat, your meat needs to be processed well and delicious. Dessert is a strawberry planted in a greenhouse.

7. A glass of champagne after dinner

Sources often reveal, she often sipped a small glass of champagne before going on vacation. This champagne bottle is selected from 8 brands like Bollinger, Lanson, and Krug … – has been awarded the Royal Certificate. The habit of drinking a small glass of wine before bedtime is proven to be beneficial to health and helps to extend the life span.

8. Black Chocolate

Former Royal Chef McGrady revealed, Queen is a devotee of dark chocolate. These foods help lower cholesterol and prevent memory loss. In addition to a nutritious diet, the Queen regularly engages in sports such as horseback riding. At age 92, she still walks with her dog every day. Probably with the science of eating food, combined with the gentle movement that this most powerful woman in England still maintains its longevity and endurance.

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