7 reasons why you never lose weight successfully

In the context of obesity is common, people are looking for ways to maintain weight at a level suitable for healthy body balance, but weight loss is not simple because there are seven reasons do after. 7 reasons why you never lose weight successfully

1. Not eat enough

There is a simple formula that everyone knows is: eat less and exercise more. In the ideal environment, you can easily achieve weight loss. Our body is like a smart machine and sophisticated, so if you cut too much calories and too suddenly, it will have trouble.

Not eating enough will not reduce the weight that otherwise can harm your body. Just like when you eat too much, your body is always hungry, the metabolism is not smooth when calories.

Accordingly, slow metabolism quickly blocks weight loss. Consequences of frustration, hunger, absenteeism and even depression lead to eating disorders. Eating disorders associated with slow metabolism certainly result in more fat accumulation. Try to reduce calories from 200 to 500 calories a day, depending on your current and your current acne.

2. Change the diet

Calculate calories and trace elements, also known as micronutrients (such as protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids in the body, are needed in the metabolism functions. weight for life) is a tedious activity. For those unfamiliar with it, it may even be threatening or overwhelming.

But there are tools to help you, such as MyFitnessPal and Fat Secret, as two great smartphone apps with recipes, bar code scanners and interacting with your favorite restaurant chains. Take a week to weigh and measure all of your foods to understand the ration and amount of nutrients and calories that each food contains. The shortcoming is that most of us do not properly evaluate the amount of food and calories that our bodies consume every day.

3. Spices

Many of your favorite spices contain up to 100-200 calories per serving (maybe as small as a tablespoon). There are some low calorie and free calories to choose from such as mustard and hot sauces that you can use to enhance your food.

The solution is to regularly pack your own recipe when eating and keep your food balanced. It gives you the pleasure of eating smart, and can help cut hundreds of calories on a regular basis. Even tomato sauce also contains up to 15 calories (4 grams of sugar) per tablespoon. That increases rapidly when you use 2-3 parts / day over time.

4. You are taking calories

Juices, soft drinks, sports drinks and alcohol will destroy your weight loss goals. Take them away. You should choose no sugar or alcoholic beverage to 1-3 drinks per week and beer at the same rate of alcohol as mentioned.

5. Use cardio exercises too

You really want to burn more calories to lose weight, and cardio exercises are the quickest way to burn those calories to most people. However, there is a point to keep in mind that when you spend too much time on exercise, the energy metabolism in the body changes suddenly, the body does not adapt in time, resulting in weight loss. be as desired.

6. Training is not enough

Your answer to your previous dilemma is weight training. Weight training produces a phenomenon called EPOC (excessive collective oxygen consumption). In short, this means that your metabolism will stay higher after you exercise, so you continue to burn calories even after you have completed your workout. At times, metabolism is elevated to 72 hours after intense physical training. EPOC is a gift that continues for (about body fat reduction).

7. No plans

All healthy eating and fitness activities in the world will not be compensated if two days of the week or the holidays you only lose weight by reducing alcohol or eating strawberries, cucumber. Dietary professionals do not support dieting by drinking one or two glasses of water or even a few casual meals without prior planning, leading to poor food choices. Accordingly you need to take the time to plan.

The most important factor in the fight against obesity is planning. Plan your meals at home or in the clinic and adjust your calories for the days before, during and after those meals. The applications mentioned in part 2 above can help you balance calories for the days before and after your trip. Also, plan daily and weekly. Without planning and discipline, it is very difficult to refrain from eating at the big party or at home, whether it be pizza or fast food. But defining a weight loss goal and having a detailed plan will help you get rid of the temptation.

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