What is thyroid cancer?

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer progresses silently, if detected early and treated promptly, the majority of patients have the opportunity to cure, live longer. What is thyroid cancer?

In women, in addition to the risk of breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, … few people know that women are also suffering from thyroid cancer high status. According to statistics, the incidence of this disease in women is 2-5 times higher than men, most people in people over 40 years.

What is thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer accounts for about 1% of all types of cancer, which is the most common cancer of the thyroid gland. The majority of thyroid cancer is well-differentiated, progressing silently, prolonged latent period, the main treatment is surgery. Most patients with thyroid cancer have good prognosis if diagnosed and treated early and actively.

Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer is a malignant development of the above types of cells, with five different types of thyroid cancer, four of which are derived from follicular cells, which are derived from the cysts.

Signs of thyroid cancer

Symptoms of early thyroid cancer:

– Tumors: Usually the patient or the family accidentally discovered, u to gradually expand, moving the swallowing pace, can be located anywhere in the thyroid. Usually there is only one single nucleus, but sometimes there are multiple nuclei and are located in both thyroid lobes. Density is usually solid, surface is usually rugged.

– Necrosis: Sometimes the tumor is not palpable but there are nodes in the neck. However, these early symptoms are difficult to distinguish from benign tumors, so when the nodes are attached to the tumor with such properties, always be alert and find a diagnosis of early cancer.

Symptoms of late thyroid cancer:

– Tumors: Sometimes quite large, encroaching forward, back, up the two poles close to the corner of the jaw and down into the middle of the media (clinically not palpable lower extremity of the tumor). The surface is usually rough, the density has a firm place with soft seat. In particular, tumors are tightly bound and invasive into the neck organs so the boundary is unknown and the mobility is poor.

Sometimes the tumor invades and infiltrates the skin of the neck, causing bleeding and superinfection in place. One of the warning signs of thyroid cancer is late.

– Nausea, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, swallowing: At varying degrees of tumor development invasive and compress the surrounding organs. These symptoms occur at high and early rates, especially in non-differentiated cancers.

Thyroid cancer

– Tingling feeling in the neck area: This is a common symptom of thyroid cancer, sometimes the pain in the tumor spread to the corner of the jaw, bringing the same side due to tumor pressing and stimulation disorder. Neuralgia.

– Lymph nodes in the neck: Along the tracheal side, along the inner banks, outside and behind the two mastoid mechanisms, jaw angle, upper pits, …

The above information is needed to know about thyroid cancer. If you have any of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

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