Wild chilli powder contains carcinogenic toxin

HCM City Pasteur Institute has announced the results of testing 48 samples of dried peppers collected in markets and grocery stores in five provinces and cities in the South. Accordingly, all samples contain aflatoxin fungal toxin causing cancer.

At Ba Chieu Market (Binh Thanh District), small traders introduce all kinds of chili powder with ingredients: 100% pure chilies, no color, safe for consumers. Prices range from 30,000 to 75,000 VND / kg.

At Thu Duc wholesale market, when we know we need to buy a large amount of chili powder to prepare satay, small business name Mai (owner of a business chilli peppers in zone A) said, shop only sell only one chilli for 45 thousand VND / kg. Chilies are not prepared and have a clear origin.


After having chili powder with carcinogenic substance, Nguyen Thi Tra (office worker, District 1) turned to buy fresh chili. “Previously, my family used chili powder to cook food, but now I have to leave. Just dare to use pepper or make chilli dry for cooking “.

Nowadays, the noodle soup Mrs. Oanh (Nga Nam Chuong Cho, Go Vap Dist.) Reduced the guests to eat. Oanh sad: “Before I still buy chili powder in the wholesale market for cooking. Those who eat well praised, sniffed because of the chili pepper I processed under the secret. So that the guests do not dare to touch the chili pepper, beef noodles with peppers, guests are also afraid. Selling all day long noodle pot, income reduced.

Mrs. Binh – Business dried beef, dried goose Nguyen Tri Phuong market (District 10) also sighs because of customers: “Dried expensive every time when the festival, so that chili powder caused cancer that made me die like standing . How much capital to put in here, now that it is not sold out, then surely not know what is Tet.

100% chili powder contains carcinogens

According to PGS.TS.BS Phan Trong Lan – Director of the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, in May – 6/2017, to monitor aflatoxin (a carcinogen) in dried peppers, staff of Pasteur Institute Ho Chi Minh City has conducted monitoring, Focusing on high-risk dried chilies (dried chillies without packaging, no clear origin) are sold at some small retail locations in some provinces.

Specifically, Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute randomly collected 48 dry powdered chilli samples (including 45 non-labeled samples) at markets and grocery stores in five provinces and cities, including Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc and Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Test results show that 100% of chili powder samples are present in aflatoxin (substance can cause liver cancer), many samples exceed the limit.

Experts say that by hand-harvesting, processing, transporting and preserving, there is no proper control of temperature and humidity, so aflatoxin contamination is unavoidable. Aflatoxin is a group of metabolites of fungal, highly toxic. The International Cancer Research Organization (IARC) has classified aflatoxin B1 as a human carcinogen. However, the results of this survey only initially focused on dry chilli powder as it is an easy-to-use material. To further evaluate aflatoxin contamination on chili, a monitoring program for aflatoxin in both dried and dried chilli samples was required.

Test results exceed the threshold, helping to review the food chain from farming, harvesting, transporting, processing, preserving and using dried chilies without packaging and unknown origin. . Sampling for surveillance focused on high risk samples of aflatoxin contamination in dried chilies did not represent dry chilies of clear origin, nor did they represent local business points.

“In order to limit aflatoxin in dried chillis, producers, processors and traders need to control temperature and humidity during transport, processing and preservation. People should choose and use foods that have a clear origin, do not use molded foods, note the shelf life and maturity of preserved foods at home and do not leave spices long. “- Prof. Dr. Phan Trong Lan recommends.

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